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Development Processes & Tools

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Ten session program

Session 1: Becoming a “Deep Change” Leader

Learn about true transformation as a leader and how to reach beyond yourself.

Session 2: Personal & Professional Vision

Determine the vision not only for where you are going in life, but also the vision for how you’ll behave and perform in the workplace.

Session 3: Grit & Resilience: How to Develop Mental Toughness

Rather than allowing failure to drain their resolve, people with “grit” find a way to rise from the ashes. By understanding and focusing on your strengths, your resilience is improved.

Session 4: Personal Values Discovery

Learn what values will guide your personal and professional life from here on out.

Session 5: Team Alignment

Learn as a team what common values bring the various members of your organization together and steer your vision.

Session 6: Leadership Philosophy

Discover your leadership philosophy by asking questions that challenge you to think about how you’re wired and what you want out of your life. You’ll develop statements and personal values that will form your own unique Leadership Philosophy.

Session 7: Choosing Team Norms

Nothing can change a team or improve a leadership culture more quickly than deciding on and living out team norms.

Session 8: Strategic Goals & Habit Forming Systems

Commiting to a process of setting strategic goals and practicing new habits is what separates success from failure. This session will focus on the most empowering systems of goals achievement and teach the idea of “Begin Well & End Well.”

Session 9: The PQ360

This 14-18 page personal assessment and accompanying workshop will equip you with helpful feedback to become a better leader by understanding your strengths and weaknesses.

Session 10: Your PDP

You’ve gained the knowledge for how to change, now you need a plan. You’ll create your Personal Development Plan, and learn how to stay on the course of continual improvement.


THREE session program

Trust based teams outperform other teams by 276%!

With this being true, why are we not focusing more on the make-or-break idea of trust? In this three-part series, we’ll explore how your team fares in the realm of trust and work towards helping and empowering you to build a trust-based team that will outperform the competition.


1-on-1 Virtual Coaching
Accepting limited requests for this premiere service, a virtual executive coach will teleconference with you (or your leaders) to teach life-changing leadership essentials.

Video Series
Access the teaching of LeadersElevate at the convenience of your schedule and budget. Our video series are accessible on any computer or mobile device, and bring the same powerful, dynamic teaching found in a live session.




Everyone has an eternal optimist inside: someone who sees opportunities, not problems or threats. It’s who you are at your very best. It’s when your impact on others elevates them to realms of possibility they weren’t able to see on their own.

The PQ360 is designed to discover and strengthen that eternal optimist. The PQ360 was created to unlock that potential by bolstering positive behaviors that unleash the leader within.