Frequently Asked Questions

Is this for me?

This leadership journey is for anyone looking for breakthrough in their life and leadership.  It is not a tour or a vacation although previous participants have expressed having lots of fun.  We built this trip to inspire you to think deeply and commit with resolve to changes that you need to make to have a more fulfilling, impactful life and leadership journey.

Who is leading the journey?

Dr. Thomas Davis is the President of LeadersElevate; a leadership development and coaching company created to spur leaders to become the best version of themselves so they can have a greater impact in the world.  You can find out more about Tom here:

How do I get to the start of the hike?

You can fly into either Bilbao Spain or Barcelona.  We will have a representative meet you to get you on a train or bus with other team members to get to Logrono.  We will provide a time to arrive at either city before you book your flights. Flying into Bilbao allows for a shorter commute to Logrono which is a 90 minute bus ride.  The train from Barcelona to Logrono takes just over 4 hours.

What will I need?

A passport, a backpack, comfortable hiking shoes, a couple days of clothing for a variety of weather.  Most importantly you will need a mindset open to growth and challenge. Find detailed packing instructions here:

What are our accommodations like?

We stay in Albergues (hostels) that provide a variety of experiences. Plan to be sleep in common rooms with other members of our group and others from around the world. Keep in mind most Algergues do not seperate sleeping accomodations by sex so we will find ourselves in co-ed rooms at times.   Many will have bunks but we have found most to be very comfortable; although don’t expect 5 star.

Is the Camino safe?

The Camino de Santiago has a reputation for being very safe. The biggest risks are blisters from the hiking and avoiding traffic in some of the larger towns or cities.  We have encountered numerous women hiking the entire Camino alone who have indicated feeling safe. As with any trip, basic awareness and protecting valuables is recommended.

How should I prepare or train?

You will find all levels of fitness on the Camino.  We have guided people in great shape as well as those wanting to get into better shape and so far they have all been able to complete the hike.  It’s best to do some walking/hiking with a loaded backpack to prepare your body in the weeks prior to the trip. We recommend your pack weighing no more than 10-15% of your body weight fully loaded. Find tips for packing light here:

What is provided in the cost?

The guided experience created to help you reach your “2.0,” including daily development sessions and activities.  Daily meals and accommodations, a translator for our team, a custom journal, pilgrim’s passport, a guidebook to help you prepare and know what to expect on the trip, all logistics and planning. We will provide a nice dinner and celebration for the group in Barcelona on Saturday night at the end of our journey.  

What is not provided?

Travel to and from Spain is not included, as well as the travel from the end of our hike back to Barcelona. The cost to get back to Barcelona is very reasonable in our experience.  We strongly suggest you book your flights as soon as possible because the costs rise as you get closer to the departure date. We recommend capping your experience with an extra day in Barcelona, although that is optional. Accomodations in Barcelona are a personal expense although we coordinate an Airbnb for the team to share for the weekend for those interested.  This keeps the costs down for team members who wish to stay there.

What is required to sign up?

A $250 deposit is required and you can register here.  Keep in mind there are a limited number of spots for this trip available, so jump in before it sells out!  We keep the group small to provide a customized, intimate experience.